I went to see “Brothers” Tuesday, December 8, 2009.
I went to the theater on 62nd street because they seem to have fewer clients – emptier theaters and fewer sell-outs. When I got there, the line was literally out the door. Fortunately I was able to procure a ticket. Sadly, the theater was packed… filled to capacity. The audience was one of those that to comment about everything that happened. If someone was mildly funny, the audience exploded in laughter. If a character dissed another, the audience ejaculated “Damn” and “Ohh!”. During one particularly climactic moment, I missed 10 seconds of dialogue due to audience participation. (One member in the audience felt the need to explain the irony of one situation to the audience. Fortunately the almost entire audience shushed her, and she shut up.)

Brothers is about two brothers. One, Sam, is “perfect”, a patriot, cool as ice, happily married with two daughters (sequel “Sisters”?) and about to be re-deployed to Afghanistan. The other brother, Tommy, is a just released from prison criminal, guilty of a violent crime against a women, bad tempered, reckless, irresponsible and a “quitter”.
When Sam dies overseas, Tommy seems to grow up and in his attempt to comfort Sam’s “widow”, they start to fall for each. However, Sam didn’t really die. When he gets back home and realizes there are sparks flying between his spouse and his brother, things get very awkward.

The film explores the horrors of war, the fragility of relationships and the lack of support for soldiers that are stateside after being deployed in the theater of war.

I thought the film was interesting and thought-provoking. The emotions expressed in the film seemed real and I could relate to the characters.

Brothers has an R rating and really shouldn’t be viewed by children. I would generally recommend it to adults. There is very little action or gore in this film, though there are a few intense moments.

I give this film a 7 out of 10, but my experience loses one due to the audience.


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