Crazy Heart

I went to see “Crazy Heart” Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Two of my siblings convinced me that I should go see “Sherlock Holmes”, so against my better judgment I went to go see it. (Un)fortunately, it was sold out when I got to the theater after work. I debated very shortly between going to see “It’s Complicated” and “Crazy Heart”.

“It’s Complicated” looked like a very dumb movie and I’d have to wait two hours for the next showing. “Crazy Heart” looked interesting, even if I couldn’t tell what the plot was by its trailer, and only required a ninety minute wait.

I chose “Crazy Heart”.

Luckily, there’s a nearby pizza shop that offers two slices and a twelve ounce soda for only two dollar and seventy-five cents. I went there to get some dinner and to waste some time. (Sadly, this was their worst performance yet. The slices weren’t very good and the soda can was dirty. When I asked for a cleaner can, the cashier told me the other cans were just as dirty. I prefer the pizzeria in the East Village. They have better slices and cleaner cans.)

After the pizza and a quick browse through a nearby Modells, I settled into my seat.

The movie was a lot better then I expected. It tells the story of an alcoholic country singer who realizes somethings might be more valuable then a drink.

I give it a 7 out of 10. I like old “style” country songs, so I enjoyed the sound track. If that kind of music disturbs you, remove one.


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