Leap Year

January 19, 2010 I went to see “Leap Year”.
I’d already seen every “good” movie that I had any interest in seeing, so it became a “best of the worst” situation because free tickets are… well, free!

The other movies were either horror (no thanks!) or Sherlock Holmes (again, no thanks!), so I was left with a romantic comedy that looked dumb in the previews. I figured at worst it would be a 4 out of 10 movie. Not bad for free.

Sadly, the movie was completely unoriginal, unintelligent, unfunny and (most egregious for a romantic film) unromantic. The lead actress and actor had no chemistry together. The forced “first kiss” was formulaic and was done better (barely – and that’s not saying much) in “The Proposal”.

The idea that the lead woman would wait four years before trying to propose on her own is a silly one. She’s clearly a woman who knows what she wants and does what she needs to do to get it. (If you believe the film she does some pretty dumb things to get what she wants. There’s no way she’d wait four years for Jeremy to propose to her.)

Everything about the film is contrived and there is nothing in it that is believable.

I entered the film hoping it would be a “four”. Within ten minutes I knew it would never get that high. The score kept dropping as it dragged on without any redeemable qualities. It started out dumb and dropped to “I should be compensated for sitting through this as it is killing my brain cells”.
It settled somewhere between one and two stars.
This film is unlucky that it didn’t come out in 2009, because then it would have been protected by “Bride Wars” and “The Girlfriend Experience” as worst film of the year. Since it came out in 2010, I feel safe in predicting it will definitely be on my bottom five for the year. It is currently in the lead for worst of 2010.

There is hope for this film, because “Tooth Fairy” looks to be dreadful. (Though, I have no intention of ever seeing it.)


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