Bachelor 2010 Feb 01

Spoiler – Don’t read unless you’ve seen the Bachelor episode from Feb 2, 2010 or you don’t plan on seeing it.


Jake chose Tenley for the first one on one date.

It was a mean trick to play on Vienna.

“i don’t want one to feel more important than the other” – jake
We know he meant “less”, but a Freudian slip perhaps?

“you can eat my salmon” – gia
A double entendre?

jake appears to be lying to Gia when he says he’s into her. I think he’s sending her home. Even though he’s kissing her. [post script] I was clearly wrong about who is going home tonight. But I still feel like Gia is on the way out.

why is vienna searching for jake when he’s alone with gia?!?

6 year old kids every single day. vienna is living in a fantasy world

Jake – is open up code word for kissing?

“saving yourself for marriage?” – Jake incredulous at Corrie.

@EsteeBrooke who names their kid vienna or paris? why not totonto?

“i’m gonna let my heart go and see where it lands.” -Jake about Vienna

Vienna gets the last rose again! If i were her, I’d take it personally.

I think it was probably good for Corrie to be sent home. I don’t think Jake could really handle having a girl there that wouldn’t show up in his bedroom or at least kiss him. This might be bad to say, but Corrie might be “too good” for Jake.


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