Sherlock Holmes

I went to see “Sherlock Holmes” tonight.

I was reluctant to see this movie because I imagined it to be stuffy. I also didn’t like the trailer because it looked to be to horror-centric. To provide a clue for how much I didn’t want to see this film, I even went to see Leap Year on a previous week to avoid this film.

However, two of my siblings persuaded me to give it a try and so I found myself in the back row at six in the evening.
The beginning started out the way a film should never start out, but how action fans and directors like to start films, in a chase scene. I’m not a big fan of chase scenes and it’s a huge turn-off for me.
(By the way, for an example of how to start off a movie with action and not bore the audience to tears, study the opening scene of “The Dark Knight”.)

As the film progressed I found myself enjoying it more and more. I dislike fantasy movies, so every time something fantastical occurred on the screen I worried that it would conclude with a non-scientific reason. This nervousness degraded the film experience for me.

I left the film not feeling very positive about the film. I debated internally between a 5 and a 5.5 as I prepared to walk to the train. On the train though, my opinion of the film went up a tad. The film was interesting enough.

I give “Sherlock Holmes” a solid 6 out of 10.


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