Rental offer

Currently, I live in an apartment that’s about a fifteen minute walk from where my wife and children live. I choose to live in this area even though there are so many religious Jews living here because I wanted to be able to available in case the children wanted to see me. I got lucky that my apartment is not on a “Jewish” block and i’m very close to the subway system.
This evening my dad called me to say that my deceased grandfather’s old apartment is about to become vacant and my uncle (who now owns it) is offering it to me for a very cheap rent. ($525 cheaper than what I pay now!)
Another advantage is it’s close enough to work that I can walk it most days. I could probably save additional commuting costs.
The disadvantages are:

  • I’d move from a fifteen minute walk from the children to a couple of subway trains from the children.
  • My uncle is religious. He likely wants me to take the apartment so I’ll live nearby his place and I’ll feel indebted to him. He then probably wants to “force” me to go over and he’ll be able to be mekarev me.
  • The new building has 24/7 security. I don’t know if I want to deal with that much scrutiny.

That’s my dilemma. Anyone have any thoughts? Please!


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