Bachelor 2010 Feb 8

Spoiler – Don’t read unless you’ve seen the Bachelor episode from Feb 8, 2010 or you don’t plan on seeing it.















Gia – showing Jake her world (NYC is a world, right?)

“take another one” – Jake, on taking another picture. Translation: “i want to kiss you again!”

Meeting Gia’s parents just ended and I am officially confused! I did not expect Jake to be talking about “loving” Gia.

Ali in Massachusetts.

Jake reminds me of George W Bush.

“unbelieveable” – Jake on his day with Ali – Unbelievable can be good or bad 😉

“I’ve been blow away” – Jake on Ali to Ali’s mom [TMI]


She’s relieved because Jake says he makes his own decisions and he wants to involve his wife in decisions?

Wearing 80s shirt

“I sure have. I sure have” – Jake on eating Gator tail

“The house’ll be clean” – Vienna’s dad, selling Vienna

I think he has to let Ali go. Even if it’s just a mind game , he prefers to distance himself from anyone who “rejects” him.

Anyone else suspect Jake would prefer a unemployed woman? barefoot and pregnant

Jake recovers quickly after “losing” Ali.

Best of Twitter:

@PatServo He IS a big baby! He finally admitted it! #bachelor

@tanyarenea What’s worse- getting threatened to have your legs broken or a date with the dead grandma? #bachelor

@Fashion4Lyfe doesn’t alli have a dead aunt for jake to meet? or a dead 4th cousin twice removed? #bachelor

@effedparkslope Did Alli run out of stuff 2 wear? These chicks start w/evening gowns at the amusement park, and now she’s down to nasty flannels #bachelor

@elenaleemc On the #bachelor the standard response to a girl pouring out her heart is silence, a smile and a kiss. Weak.

@fairlyoddmother Waitaminute. He JUST said he runs his decisions by his parents 1st. Isn’t that EXACTLY like her ex-husband? #delusional #bachelor

@slnabb “When I took Jake upstairs…” (Tenley’s dad talking) Whoa easy there Pop. We’ve just met. #Bachelor

@Whiskeypawz Urrrch! Did he just say this year? Tenleys divorce was just this year? No wonder she keeps talking about the ex! #bachelor

@DaleRadio: Vienna’s father will be played tonight by Eugene Levy!! #bachelor

@Hank_Thompson Tenley wants her marriage to be a “we.” I want mine to be an Xbox. #bachelor #thebachelor

@msn_lnotv Jake looks so sincere when he tells four different women and their families that he is honestly falling for them. #MSN_LNOTV #BACHELOR

@andreavaleriac “I have completely fallen for all 4 women” -Jake … #DieJake #bachelor

@heymissmegs I won’t lie, I have considered quitting a job for a guy. But he wasn’t dating three other women. #bachelor


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