Fish and Chips (off the old block)

Here’s the sequel to the weekend guest story.

Sunday night, 1:30 AM, my cell rings. It’s my CIL’s guest. “I’m going to stop by tomorrow morning to get my stuff.” Why bother to ask when you sprang yourself on a stranger for a weekend? It’s much more effective to make declarations.
I told her if she wanted to do that, she’d better be out by 9 AM, because that’s the latest I can leave to work.
After she hung up (without saying goodbye), I realized that she’ll probably expect me to carry the luggage.
At 8:59 (late!) she called me saying she was down the block, but she needs money for the train and for some food.
“You need more money for the subway then the $10 I gave you yesterday?”, I asked incredulously.

I didn’t want to give her more money. So instead I gave her an emergency MetroCard I carry around in case someone I’m with needs a “swipe”. The card had about $3 on it, enough for a trip to the Port Authority. In lieu of money for food (really?!), I gave her some leftover KFC snackers that I was saving for dinner later in the week.

She showed up with her “boyfriend”. Fortunately, he carried all her crap downstairs and outside. As soon as they were out the door and the door was locked, I took off for the subway station.

Note to self: Background checks on all future guests 😉


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