Subway Poem

This poem is in response to Shades of Grey who suggested in a comment to this post that people are motivated to have children because they want to leave a legacy. And, while I will concede that this poem is not a complete mockery of the need to leave a legacy (since it implies that the speaker will be there the next day), it does question the need for a legacy.

The train arrives at eight twenty-four
I wait for some to disembark before I enter
All the seats are taken, so I stand clear of the door.

A stop later a woman leaves for an express train
I take the vacant seat and relax my feet
I pull out puzzles and a pen to engage my brain

During the trip I successfully complete
An easy and hard Ken Ken, a sudoku,
even a crossword, all from my seat

Now my stop is coming soon, it will be time to leave
My thoughts turn to the future
Once I go, will my absence people grieve?

Will people forget that here I did wondrous things
Should I put up a commemoration
So others can bow their heads before their absent king

Oh dear, my stop has come without ample warning
I leave without making any declaration
It’ll be used by heathens – until tomorrow morning.


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