Key to the Story

Today, I left my apartment to go to a small haircut from an hair-cutting establishment on my block. Since I didn’t intend to stay out long and the weather was pleasant, I figured I’d just wear my hoodie. I forgot that my keys were in my windbreaker. (During the Winter, I usually wear my hoodie underneath and my windbreaker on top.) As soon as I closed the door, I remembered. Too late!
My brother has a set of keys. He’s religious, so I had to wait until after Shabbos to call. Fortunately, my cell was fully charged and I had my wallet with me.

Of course it took over 6 hours for him to get them to me, but, absence (of my apartment) just makes the heart grow fonder.

Here are my twitter observations:
Upon getting locked out: “Great job getting locked out. Any other plans? Maybe get run over by a car? #KeylessInNewYork”

Upon getting home again:
Key whiz Batman!
Keys, they aren’t just for Florida
Keys, they do a door opening good
Keys are a terrible thing to lose
Keys, don’t leave home without ’em!



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