Take the Good, You Take the Bad

I think it’s important in life to not only focus on the negative, even though, often, it is more interesting.

As I described, last week we signed our final separation agreement. The agreement says that we each have the children on alternate weekends. Holidays are split up by a system that allows the children to spend time with both parents. This being an even year, she is supposed to have them Purim night, while I’m supposed to have them Purim day. However, this year Purim begins Saturday night and I’ll have them at my parents (35 minutes away by car).
She called me up Thursday evening to say that she thinks rather than me returning the children as soon as the weekly holiday ends and then getting them back Sunday afternoon, I should just return them early Sunday morning. I’m glad in this instance she’s being reasonable. I’ll not hold out hope that this is the beginning of a pattern, but, for now, this is good.

My dad came over to me last weekend, when I was over with the children, and told me about the graggers and masks he bought for the children. He told me he is going to lein in the house for the children. I could see his smile when he said that, an attempt of proselytization of me is going down. I am not looking forward to Saturday night. I think I’ll set the children up with their grandfather and then I’ll go someplace else. Someplace quiet or with a television. đŸ˜‰


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