Bachelor 2010 Feb 22

Spoiler – Don’t read unless you’ve seen the Bachelor episode from Feb 22, 2010 or you don’t plan on seeing it.

This week’s episode was titled “The Women Tell All”. The title was descriptive because the women did tell all. Sometimes, more than they had knowledge of.

To sum up the episode, here are the main points:

Michelle, was it dumb to tell Jake you were leaving with the expectation that he would beg you to stay; knowing there were other women who are happy to be with him? Answer: Yes!

Elizabeth, did you make a mistake by playing mind game with Jake? (By telling him, you cannot kiss me. I’m the best kisser and I know you want to kiss me.) Answer: Yes!

Ella, why do you think you were sent home?
Ella’s Answer: I don’t know, I opened up, but Jake didn’t
Jake’s Answer: There was something there, that I’ve seen in previous relationships, that I didn’t want to deal with again.
Real Answer: Because you have a kid! For all the talk about starting a family and settling down, all Jake wants in a fantasy girl living a fairy tale. (Vienna, anyone?)

Gia, did you make a mistake by not TELLING Jake that you were falling in love with him? Answer: Yes!

Ali, did you make a mistake by leaving the show for your job and rejecting Jake instead of staying? Answer: Yes!

Chris: Rozlyn, did you have an inappropriate relationship with a producer?
Rozlyn: No!
Chris: Are you sure?
Rozlyn: Yes
Chris: Ah, you said “yes”, na na na kish kish!
Rozlyn: Oh yeah, then why were you hitting my lover’s wife?
Audience: Ah, diss!

Jake, was it an “Incredible journey”? Answer: Yes. And since you asked me that, I feel a chemistry with you. I am definitely feeling a connection. I am falling for all Americans. Will you marry me if I ask? You will? Then go home, I don’t think we could work out!


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