What’s the protocol?

After we successfully divorce, do I need to edit every post that I referred to (err) my wife as “wife” and change it to “ex-wife”?

Also, what about the time between when I give the Get (religious divorce) and when the Court processes our civil divorce? How should I refer to her? “My legal wife”?

Any thoughts?


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7 Responses to “Protocol”

  1. Nina Rosenberg Says:

    Your b*t*h? woof woof

  2. s(b.) Says:

    how about
    your children’s mother?

    • alarbean Says:

      I get the point that I think you trying to make about her worth.

      That would makes sense if I were discussing her in the context of the children. However, it seems a bit “wordy” in casual conversation.
      And, I’m not sure if it would “fit” in other contexts.

  3. Bored Jewish Guy Says:

    I would say you could just refer to her as your “ex”, that’s true even if the civil divorce didn’t go through yet. As for the previous posts, if you’re OK with people reading them and possibly thinking you’re still married, I don’t think you have to edit them.

  4. alarbean Says:

    Bored Jewish Guy,

    The reason I am currently careful to refer to her as my “wife”, as opposed to my “ex” is because some people have boundaries for married people.
    For example, if I invite a woman to movie. She might accept if it were coming from a divorced guy, but, decline if it were coming from a married, albeit separated, guy.
    In the eyes of the law I’m still married. I don’t want confusion.

    I guess I shan’t edit the past.

    • Bored Jewish Guy Says:

      I was thinking that since you’re divorced according to Jewish law, you wouldn’t be lying if you called her your ex. It’s definitely better to be completely honest though, so I guess you should say you’re separated.

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