Bachelor 2010 Mar 1

Spoiler – Don’t read unless you’ve seen the Bachelor episode from March 1, 2010 or you don’t plan on seeing it.

This was the season finale of “The Bachelor”. Jake had to choose between Tenley and Vienna.

Jake brings the women, separately, to meet his family. His family gives him some guidance. Later he takes each of them on a water date and spends one last evening alone with them.

Can someone explain to me why the women on the show wave their hands 3 inches from their faces when they feel they are going to cry? Does fanning oneself prevent tears?

Isn’t is silly for Vienna to write “I love you” on the beach sand right by the waves? You know those words won’t last past the third wave to hit the coast.

One second Jake is all nervous over who to choose, the next he’s sure he got the right one. Seems like a very sudden decision.
Here are some of the interesting quotes in tonight’s episode:

“He brings out the best in me.” -Vienna pleading her case to Jake’s sisters
He “sees you for who you are.” – Jake’s sister talking to Vienna about how Jake sees her
“I so judged her” – Jake’s sister, Laura, feeling guilty for thinking Vienna was a troublemaker.
“I so need my mom to see that.” – Jake, sounding like a momma’s boy and showing that the whole family relies too heavily on “so”.
“I see my future wife with both of them” – Jake speaking about whether he’ll choose Tenley or Vienna.
“I’m excited to get down and dirty with Jake” – Vienna, discussing going mud bathing with Jake, but giving, perhaps, a bit too much information to a television audience. 😉
“Our last date on this journey” -Jake being cruel to Vienna
I want to be “your best friend and your rock”. “I want to be your everything.” – Vienna trying to speaking to Jake, but only able to come up cliches.
“I broke my dad’s heart when I did that” -Vienna on how her dad felt when she eloped. (Seriously? Unless she cheated on her dad, why would his heart be broken?)
It’s been an “unforgettable journey” – Vienna’s note to Jake. Otherwise known as the phrase that proved to Jake that Vienna was “The One For Him”.
“I was captivated like I never was before.” – Jake, lying to Tenley
“I love that you’re so positive” -Jake trying to get out of his misspeak by reminding Tenley that she’s supposed to be positive and therefore not focus on any of his faults.
“I love Tenley. Absolutely.” – Jake, trying to convince himself.
I’m just gonna “figure out who has my heart” – Jake, along with O.J., is going to launch his own investigation.
I’m “trying to let my heart lead, but, it’s leading me to both women.” – Jake, in need of a cardio-GPS.
“This is the day that will change my life forever, but, this has been an incredible journey.” – Jake, after a season of trying, has finally managed to say that sentence correctly and without cracking up.

It was like “a ball of energy waiting to come out.” – Jake on being able to tell Vienna that he loved her, but, giving, perhaps, a bit too much information to a television audience.


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