Get It Done

It’s official!

I’m now divorced from a religious standpoint.

I still need the civil divorce, but, I think today’s event will allow my civil-wife to really start her new life.

I hope before too much time she finds someone who is truly right for her.

I wish her every success.

I was worried that the ceremony would be very heavy and I’d leave feeling depressed. However, the ceremony was nice. I am glad we did it.


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4 Responses to “Get It Done”

  1. mc_chica Says:

    Good for u. You should start a new life yourself

  2. s(b.) Says:

    Mazal tov and best wishes to both of you for respectful coparenting.

  3. alarbean Says:

    Thank you mc_chica and s(b.)!

  4. angel Says:

    Mazel tov. I am happy it went well. May you find the one your soul delights in if you wish. and everything should be for the good. many blessings to you.Thanks for blogging was interesting to read although i am half asleep.. all the best .. angel..

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