In honor of the Oscars, I’m posting a couple of movie reviews from 2009.
This one is from Tuesday, October 13, 2009:

I left work exactly on time to catch the 4 train to 59th street. I quickly walked to the Clearview Cinema on 62nd and 1st. It was a new theater for me, so I was pleased by my time (beating’s directions of 11 minutes) and quickly got my free ticket to see “A Serious Man”.
The usher refused to help me beyond saying 5th floor. Although, he was kind enough to rip my ticket and give me a tiny sliver back so I had no idea which theater to go to. I took the seemingly endless escalators up, up, up. When I got to the fifth floor and found the theater, there was no display indicating which film was showing. There were previews going on, so I took my seat.
I was surprised that I was the third person to arrive in the room and that the previews seemed endless. At 7:40, finally, the feature presentation began. Imagine my surprise when the word “Surrogates” appeared on screen. At first I was confused. “One second, is this another preview?” Then I realized that I am that dumb! I ended up in the wrong hall. “Well, I was planning on seeing Surrogates anyway, may as well enjoy it.” It wouldn’t pay to switch films now, as “A Serious Man” was scheduled to begin 10 minutes before “Surrogates”.

Surrogates is a little of “Minority Report” and “The Matrix”. I went into the film with that knowledge. I liked both of those films, so I expected to enjoy it. “Surrogates” is a good action flick. Because most “people” on screen are not real and are incapable of feeling pain, the directors felt free to fling bodies around with impunity.

The plot itself doesn’t really make sense. Also, once you see the ending you’ll probably wonder, as I did, why it wasn’t done earlier and with much less drama. However, for most viewers, that won’t make a difference, because of all the action.

For what it is, an action flick, I’d give it a 7 of 10. However, as an intellectual film, I’d have to rate below 5.


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