Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Verbal Dyspraxia, Gait Abnormality

I got a text from my children’s mother today. It said that a neurologist diagnosed our son as having Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Verbal Dyspraxia, and Gait Abnormality.

He will undergo an MRI later this week*. I guess to confirm the diagnosis. From what I’ve read online, there is no cure for these issues.

* The hospital was supposed to clear the procedure with the insurance company, but didn’t. The test will be rescheduled for the middle of April. – Edited March 19


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8 Responses to “Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Verbal Dyspraxia, Gait Abnormality”

  1. s(b.) Says:

    How old is he? If he’s a little kid, he’ll probably get early intervention, which will help.

    • alarbean Says:

      He turned five over the weekend. He’s been getting special therapy for a couple of years now, but, this is the first time they’ve given it a name.

      Right now it’s just a lot of fancy, scary words.

  2. mc_chica Says:

    I hope he will be fine

  3. s(b.) Says:

    Less fear, more help. If he’s in the yeshiva system, P’tach may be able to help:

  4. coastx Says:

    The gait abnormality is a characteristic of Rett’s Syndrome and can be confirmed through genetic testing. If you are not already aware, you can help your PDD child deal with health issues arising from disregulation of electrolytes and glucogenesis by developing a diet based largely on consumption of foods high in potassium, magnesium and non-dairy sources of calcium.

    • alarbean Says:

      Thank you for your information!

      Based on what I’ve read of Rett’s Syndrome, the likelihood of that being his issue is very slim. Also, fortunately, he doesn’t have many of the symptoms listed for that.

      I was not aware of what you described for the easing of the PDD issues. The doctor has not determined yet that he suffers from PDD. The labels listed above are guesses the doctor made based on conversation with the child’s mother and observation of the child. My understanding is the doctor will use the MRI to conclude a diagnosis.

  5. coastx Says:

    Are you willing to share the symptoms?

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