Hot Tub Time Machine

I went to see “Hot Tub Time Machine” today.
It is a silly movie. It doesn’t make sense and doesn’t even try to explain things.
I expected a funny movie. It was. At times.
I expected it to make fun of the eighties and the politician of the decade. But, aside from a few brief pans of President Ronald Reagan speaking on television, it was bereft of politicians or political satire.
Overall, I give the film a 5 out of 10.


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8 Responses to “Hot Tub Time Machine”

  1. Wicked Shawn Says:

    I’m skipping this one completely. Which makes me a bit sad. I rather like John Cusack, Grosse Pointe Blank and Identity were great. However, two times of sitting through the trailer for this one had me convinced I didn’t want to see it.
    I like his RL politics, though. 😉

    • alarbean Says:

      I felt the same way about “Couples Retreat”, so i can’t blame you. The only reason I chose it is because I misread a review. I thought it would have political humor. It didn’t.

      I don’t know the two movies you referenced and I don’t know his politics. However, based on what I’ve read on your blog, I suspect we have very different political viewpoints. I’m sure we can still get along.

  2. Wicked Shawn Says:

    Identity is a thriller. Grosse Pointe Blank a comedy, darkish one. Both worth renting.

    Heated political debates…..I am so into those…..

  3. Cris Says:

    I thought it was a hillarious movie, sound track was great.

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