MRI Results

As indicated in a previous post my son needed an MRI to discover the cause of his developmental issues.

These are the results of his MRI:
At the level of the left middle fossa, there is 2.3 x 1.6 cm well defined fluid filled lesion, appearance of which is consistent with presence of arachnoid cyst. There is displacement and/or hypoplasia of adjacent left anterior temporal lobe cortex. No significant remodeling of regional osseous structures.

There is normal caliber of the ventricular system and remaining subarachnoid space. Several punctate foci of T2 signal hyperintensity are identified within the parietal periventricular white matter, felt to represent sequelae of terminal zone myelination. There is no evidence of hemorrhage, mass effect, or recent ischemic change.

Major arterial flow-voids at the skull base are preserved. Visualized orbits and paranasal sinuses are grossly unremarkable.

Impression: Left middle fossa arachnoid cyst.


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One Response to “MRI Results”

  1. s(b.) Says:

    So are they going to do surgery to lance it, or something? Best wishes.

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