Alice in Wonderland

I went to see “Alice in Wonderland” on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.
This film was released in 2D and 3D, but the theater I went to was only showing the 2D version. (If I had gone to see it when it first came out I would have had a choice.)

The trailers for “Alice in Wonderland” left me with low expectations. I saw Johnny Depp play a crazy guy in “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory” and I wasn’t eager to watch him play the same character again in a major role.
Additionally, the retelling of the “Alice” story seemed like a waste. I didn’t see what would be entertaining or informative about seeing the story retold with human actors.
As a final confidence drain, a lot of the people who were so excited to see “Where the Wild Things Are” were excited to see this one. After the fiasco that was “Where the Wild Things Are”, I started interpreting their excitement as a negative.

I was pleasantly surprised by the story and movie.
As it turns out the story is not a simple re-telling of the original story. In fact, it’s not a re-telling at all. I suggest viewing this as a (more meaningful) sequel to the original story.

In this story, Alice, now 20, is faced with serious choices that may well determine her course for the next 5 years and maybe even for life. These choices are serious. And, yet those close to her, the people who should be helping her choose wisely, try to push her into making a rushed decision.
Alice feels cornered and helpless.

*Cue the music* 😉

I could quibble with the Jabberwock’s slayer being a female, since the poem makes numerous references to the slayer being male. However, i’m okay with interpreting the uses of “he” and “boy” in the poem as being non-gender specific.

Also, I think a female Jabberwock slayer is kind of cool.

Johnny Depp didn’t try to do too much in his role as The Mad Hatter and the film didn’t let us lose focus of Alice being the main character. As such, I thought the pace and story were good and comfortable.

I enjoyed this film a lot more than I expected.

I give it a 7 out of 10.


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