Customer Service Training : A Poem

I’m at a mandatory training at my job
For “Customer Service”, to not be a snob
At my job, I don’t interface
With customers so it feels like a waste
I’m supposed to learn how to better interact
With coworkers and managers, have a great impact
Improve workplace morale and quality of work
Minimize conflict, arguments to brook
They prattle on and on about giving respect
Most men here point to reality and reject
The idealist view the trainer espouses
Tempers flare, tension rises, emotion arouses
Communication is raised, a positive trait
But this gentleman is fairly irate
The women are one nodding in agreement
The men are skeptical, they see appeasement
Is it honest to cover things up with a smile
Maybe fuck “truthiness”, it’s not worth the trial
The bottom line is you’ve a job to do
A paycheck to collect, a dollar and a cent or two
So go along, get along, don’t make a ruckus
I’m sorry but I still think this training is pointless


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4 Responses to “Customer Service Training : A Poem”

  1. a bourbon for silvia Says:


  2. Wicked Shawn Says:

    As you know, stating the truth, unpleasant as some may find it, is how I live. This poem is similar to what I stated the last time I was asked to attend a sensitivity training exercise. I was also excused from the training.

  3. you can call me angel.. Says:

    “you want it when” “like i need your approval” ” the customer is always wrong”….. i am unemployed i miss working america! even the nasty clients lol

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