Planning Winter Vacation

Dear virtual friends in Israel,

I’ve officially scrapped my Winter road trip and I am, instead, going to Israel from January 23rd until February 5th.
Would you be interested in meeting up with me, hanging out, singing karaoke, and/or showing me around your neighborhood?

If you have a specific date/time that works best for you, please let me know so I can schedule it.

I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,
Alar Bean


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2 Responses to “Planning Winter Vacation”

  1. Eli Says:

    CHANGE THE DATES! We are being there from 9 Feb – 21 Feb and you need to be there when we are!!! CHANGE YOUR DATES NOW!!!!!!


  2. alarbean Says:

    One of my earlier plans was to be at a time that would overlap your trip. However, management refused to allow me to do so. They only agreed to the time I got off after a lot of discussion and bargaining.

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