Orange pants

My sister is getting married in a few weeks. She is a huge Mets fan. Every year, that the Mets play at home on her birthday, she gets her name on the scoreboard. Her wedding colors are, obviously, blue and orange.
My siblings are dressing appropriately.
I toyed with getting a blue suit and an orange shirt, but I don’t think I’d wear a blue suit ordinarily. Therefore, it seems like a waste. The alternative is to get orange pants. I already have a blue shirt.

What do orange pants “say” about their wearer? Could I wear orange pants day-to-day or at bars?

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6 Responses to “Orange pants”

  1. ahuvah Says:

    what man in his right mind owns orange pants?! and where in the world would you be able to find orange dress pants?

    orange = disengagement… tell your sister she is being very zionistic. might help her change her color scheme 🙂

    • alarbean Says:

      I’ve seen people wearing pretty outlandish clothing. I’m not sure where one goes to purchase these clothing, I was going to check JC Penney.

      My family is quasi-zionist, so I don’t think that (devious:) ) plan would work.

  2. Wicked Shawn Says:

    The very idea of orange pants, on anyone, is offensive to my senses. Seriously. Unless you are Will Smith in a rerun of the Fresh Prince of BelAir, and his fashion sense was horrible back then.

    • alarbean Says:

      I put on one pair of orange pants, my mom got scared
      And said you’re only going out properly geared

      I whistled for an attendant and when he came near
      He adjusted my fit without looking in the mirror

      I looked at my suit and my polished shoes
      I kissed mom and went out in my shiny blues

  3. a bourbon for silvia Says:

    have you seen the pants of the Curling Norwegian Olimpic team?

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