Public School Funding

In the NY Daily News for Wednesday Feb 16, 2011 on page 7 there’s a story about public school funding.

The article states that NYC public schools received $649 less per student than NYC charter schools. NYC public schools received $16,011 per student while NYC charter schools received $16,660 per student.

16,000-plus dollars a year per student is too much money. The city should cut spending per student by half. $8,000 per year per student is still high, but is much more reasonable.

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3 Responses to “Public School Funding”

  1. baruch Says:

    8000 seems like a lot too

  2. Thejewishteen Says:

    1600 is not really that much. Think about how much people pay for private school/yeshiva etc. Plus at public school you get free textbooks. Not to mention many more opportunities to succeed and take college level classes.

    If there’s anything school budgets need to cut back on it’s building funds.

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