A Snapshot of my journey

This is one sliver from last night. Even though it’s rather short and innocuous, it does highlight improvements as a result of hard work and mentoring.

Last night I got on a subway to go to Manhattan. I sat down across from two women. I looked and smiled at them. Immediately they started giggling to themselves, covering their faces, and talking excitedly (I think) in a foreign language. I wasn’t sure if they were laughing at something I did or something that had happened before I boarded, so I decided to ignore it. I started doing my Sudoku puzzle.
When I finished my first puzzle, I looked up again and smiled at them. Immediately they started giggling and covering their faces. I’ve never seen that with adult women before. I didn’t know why they were reacting to a smile. I went back to my puzzles.
When they got to their stop and exited the train, one of them waved to me from the window as they walked away.

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