Movie Reviews for 2011

Films released in 2011 that I saw in the same calendar year

You can see a full list of films on Wikipedia

Films are listed chronologically
Title Genre Rating
The Green Hornet Superhero Action Comedy 5
Unknown Thriller Action Adventure 4
Hall Pass Blue Comedy 5
The Adjustment Bureau Romantic Thriller Political 6
The Lincoln Lawyer Legal Drama 4
Win Win Sports Comedy Drama 7
Source Code Science-fiction Techno Thriller 7
The King’s Speech Historical Drama 2
Your Highness Fantasy Blue Comedy 4
Fast Five Action Adventure 5
Thor Superhero 4
Bridesmaids Black Comedy 1
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Fantasy Adventure Action Sword 6
Midnight in Paris Romantic Comedy Fantasy Historical 8
The Hangover Part II Blue Comedy 5
Beginners Independent Drama 6
Bad Teacher Blue Comedy 7
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Science-fiction Action 3
Horrible Bosses Black Comedy 4
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Epic Fantasy 7
Captain America: The First Avenger Superhero Historical 8
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Science-fiction 6
The Help Drama Comedy Historical 9
Conan the Barbarian Fantasy Sword Sorcery Action 1
Colombiana Action Gangster 6
Our Idiot Brother Drama Comedy 7
Drive Drama Action Gangster 6.5
I Don’t Know How She Does It Comedy 4
Moneyball Sports Drama 6
The Ides of March Political Drama 6
The Three Musketeers Steampunk Action Historical 4
Margin Call Financial Thriller Historical 5
Anonymous Drama Historical 3
Tower Heist Crime Comedy 6
Immortals Epic Action Fantasy Adventure Drama 4
J. Edgar Biographical Drama Historical 4
Hugo Family Adventure Drama 3
Mission Impossible Action Comedy Drama 6.5
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2 Responses to “Movie Reviews for 2011”

  1. Nechama Says:

    i liked J. Edgar and would have given it an 8 ! But then again I am a History major so that could be the reason !

  2. alarbean Says:

    Here are my issues (in order of importance) with J. Edgar:
    1. The movie is too (damn) long. It crawls on and on.
    2. Movie style
    2a. It jumps around in history. For the most part, I prefer movies that follow a linear chronological path.
    2b. When it jumps in time, aside from one or two opening scenes, it doesn’t explicitly state which year it is.
    2c. The only way to “determine” what year a scene takes place is by trying to read how old J. Edgar is in that scene. For some that’s simple, he looks very young or very old, but for many, it’s too ambiguous.
    3. Historical issues
    3a. There is evidence to suggest that he occasionally dressed up in “women’s clothing”. However, the premise of the movie takes a leap to assume that he was also a homosexual.
    3b. The movie tells us that he informed Bobby Kennedy of John Kennedy’s assassination. That is not my understanding. According to TV show “The Kennedys” Bobby was on vacation, not in his office, and heard it from someone on the scene. Also, the movie tells us that in that phone call he said that JFK is dead, but it hasn’t hit the news yet. I’m pretty sure that this is not accurate.
    4. I didn’t find it sufficiently entertaining.

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