Fairy Tale Part 3

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Part 2

Sunrise greeted them as they entered a local convenience store. A minute or two later they saw emergency vehicles, with their rotating lights, whiz by.
Flu used her credit card to open a browser on a convenient computer. She put their birthdays and tried some key words, like “missing”, “kidnap”, “adoption”, and even “danger”, but her results were not encouraging. While she was browsing a pop-up advertisement appeared.
“Searching for something you lost or you want to lose? Are you wasting time on search engines when you could be engineering the time of your life? Why bother struggling in the proverbial dark when you could be free with Dr Dark (PhD)? Dr Dark has offices in Northern Southland, just west of Unsome.”
Flu showed the ad to Obi. They both agreed that the ad was a sign that they should heed. And so, despite the trouble of passing through Unsome, and everyone knew that was harrowing indeed, they cast their lot with Dr Dark and prepared to journey.

Part 4

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