Fairy Tale Part 6

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Part 5

“It’s unbelievable how unreal Unsome is!” exclaimed Obi.
For the past two days he’d been prattling on about Unsome. Flu was, frankly, getting tired of it. She tried Kit Kats, Rolos, Milk Munch, and even Rice Crispy Treats, but none of it worked.
Obi was obsessed and she couldn’t stop him. Finally, she slipped him a sleeping pill and he slipped off to sleep.

She drove. In the distance were fields of purple and white. Gold lined the highway. Trees grew in orderly sequential designated areas on the sides of the road.

Unsomes liked order and discipline.

A day earlier the duo stopped off for a movie. The server provided them with popcorn in a square container. Not one kernel fell out. A machine precise filled the soda to a line marked on the paper cup. The movie was heavily edited to fit exactly 100 minutes and to remove any scene that depicted a chaos or someone making a mess.

Flu chortled to herself as she drove. “Snicker-snack” said the windshield wipers. A fine mist kept Unsome moist. Every time she managed to clear her mind, the words of her grandmother came galumphing back.

Every instinct told her to step on the gas and get out of Dodge, but the speed limit said “32 MPH” and she wasn’t going to risk going faster or slower!

Part 7

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