The Rings of Akhaten

Spoilers! (You’ve been warned)
I didn’t like “The Rings of Akhaten”.

Here are some reasons:
1. Children
2. Singing. Really? So much singing.
3. The secret song to open the secret door to make a secret escape is “A-a-a-a-a”?
3b. Why is there a secret door when the Vigil can apparate. Also, why is it needed when the main door can easily open?
4. The door changes its combination millions of times a minute, but the sonic screwdriver can find the combinations quickly enough?
5. The door is heavy? WTH? How does the mass of the door make a difference to the doctor?
6. Sure. Let’s go on a flying moped instead of taking the Tardis even though we had to the rent the moped by giving away a memento from a deceased relative.
6b. How can a moped keep up with a beam carrying a single child?
7. Way too religious/spiritual. What happened to science?
8. The leaf somehow tells infinite stories but nothing else does? Everything has infinite possibilities. (My shirt, for example, might have been made into your shirt, a completely different article of clothing, or just burned up in a field fire.)
The ending didn’t resonate with me.

I watched and waited for something interesting to happen and I was disappointed. The episode never really started. I was severely underwhelmed.

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