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Jewish Social Media Shmooze

November 16, 2010

Last night I attended the Jewish Social Media Shmooze, a tweetup/symposium organized by MetroImma.

Most past events were scheduled for weekends that I had the children. Sometimes they had weeknight events, but I didn’t have (enough/any) time to prepare. So, when I saw a notice from JewishTweets for this tweetup, I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were not charging people to attend.

Most of the people were friendly and social and I got to tweetup ( meet up) with a bunch of nice people.

The panelists, hsabomilner, jodisview, kenkrim, and kvetchingeditor were all highly knowledgeable about their craft. The moderator, critiques4geeks, started off by citing the 80/20 rule.

At first I thought she was highlighting that the room was mostly made up of women. However, as it turned out, she meant that 80% of social media content is made up by 20% of the population. (I don’t know if I agree with this rule.)

The panel discussion went well. There were a few things said that I disagreed with, but nothing critical.
To the moderator’s credit the discussion wasn’t too structured or unstructured. When an audience member asked about creating a seasonal twitter advertising campaign, other members of the audience felt comfortable in being recognized by the moderator and offering their own advice to the gentleman. However, the moderator didn’t allow the discussion to fall into chaos.

After the panelist discussion, the organizers raffled off a lot of prizes, including three raffles for a signed copy of “Kvetch as Kvetch Can“, a book of humorous cartoons by Ken Krimstein. After the raffle I spoke with Ken Krimstein. I told him that I was really hoping to win a copy of his book. He told me it’s better this way, because now I can buy a copy. I told him that I wish I could, but I’m Jewish.

I won the raffle for two tickets to the Poppy Seed Players: Latkes & Applesauce play. I’m not really sure how I get the tickets from the organizers or what I should do with them.

The Jewish Social Media Shmooze was sponsored by Bagels & Co., Diaper Buds, Exhale, JDeal,, Kosher Advantage, Kosher by Design, Kosher Inspired, Kvetch as Kvetch Can, Manischewitz, metroimma, Shmira Wear, and Shutterfly.

Overall I had a good time. I rate the shmooze in the 8 out of 10 range. I highly recommend they have future events (and that they invite me with enough time for me to clear my schedule).

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Clash of the Titans

April 19, 2010

I went to see “Clash of the Titans” Friday night, April 9, 2010.
I went as part of a meetup group. We were supposed to watch it and then discuss it afterward over a beer and some food.
Instead, only Michelle, the meetup organizer, and I showed up.
It was our first meeting, so a lot of our discussion related to who we were. However, we did get to discuss the movie as well.

One note:
There are two versions of the film, 2D and 3D. People who saw 3D version generally didn’t like it. People who saw the 2D version felt more positively about the film. We went to see the 2D version and this review is based on seeing it in 2D.

“Clash of the Titans” is a retelling of Greek Mythology. It tells the story of how humans must worship and fear the gods.
While proper worship does not ensure a good life, failure to worship may lead to gods’ anger, and defying the gods will almost certainly force gods’ wrath.

There are a few notable parts to this film. (It’s up to you to decide if they are good or bad qualities.)
1. Rugged, fighting men in skirts. If you like seeing men in skirts, this is definitely the film for you. Almost all the men wear skirts, but few with a skirt that makes it past the knee.
2. Greek mythology. Greek mythology can be interesting. It has gods behaving badly and demigods (half god, half human) beating up on gods.
3. Cheesy special effects.

Overall, I give this film a 5 out of 10. This film has a lot of cartoon-like fighting. If you like that, add one.