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January 25, 2013

I am leaving politics and reality aside for a moment. I want to explore this without any practical, real-life application. The third question is the most practical question and it also meant theoretically.

Question 1: Should someone who hustles, works more hours, works with more dedication, etc be rewarded more than someone who does not?
Clarification: This does not mean the person does a better job, is smarter, or is more efficient.

Question 2: Should there someone who refuses to work or works without vigor be unrewarded?
Clarification 1: This is not including people who are incapable of doing any work.
Clarification 2: This question is not addressing whether there is opportunity or need. When responding to this question, assume that the person in question is capable and is currently employed.

Question 3: Does the government’s payments to individuals and larger entities (companies, countries, etc) encourage or teach them to conform to government desires?

Question 4: Should the government encourage non-productive people to kill themselves?
Clarification: Non-productive people are incapable of working in any capacity.

Question 5: Should the government encourage people to be non-productive?

What do you think?


Milk teeth

March 3, 2011

I’ve been wondering recently, if someone’s permanent tooth fell out and you didn’t have milk to store it in while transporting the patient to a dentist, is it better to put the tooth in cheese or water?

I think the salt in cheese would probably harm the tooth.

What do you think?

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Father’s Day vs. Mother’s Day

June 23, 2010

(For fun I’ve decided to include some audio from previous years.)

Yesterday was Father’s Day.
Here are some tweets I saw on the day:
“happy father’s day to all the real fathers out there.. not just paying child support but paying attention!”
“[censored] you, to all the deadbeat dads”

These tweets express the idea that Father’s Day is a day for fathers to commit themselves to being involved in the lives of their children.

However, Mother’s Day is never seen as a day for mothers to rededicate themselves to being better mothers. Mother’s Day is solely a day to honor mothers.
It doesn’t matter if the woman should not have had a child or if she is abusive.

I don’t like the idea of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We should not encourage procreation. We should not honor a human who created another human more than we honor one who has not.

However, if we are going to honor those who breed, we should honor them evenly.

If we want to have a national criticize parents/parental awareness day, I am okay with that.