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Fairy Tale Part 3

August 3, 2012

Start from Beginning

Part 2

Sunrise greeted them as they entered a local convenience store. A minute or two later they saw emergency vehicles, with their rotating lights, whiz by.
Flu used her credit card to open a browser on a convenient computer. She put their birthdays and tried some key words, like “missing”, “kidnap”, “adoption”, and even “danger”, but her results were not encouraging. While she was browsing a pop-up advertisement appeared.
“Searching for something you lost or you want to lose? Are you wasting time on search engines when you could be engineering the time of your life? Why bother struggling in the proverbial dark when you could be free with Dr Dark (PhD)? Dr Dark has offices in Northern Southland, just west of Unsome.”
Flu showed the ad to Obi. They both agreed that the ad was a sign that they should heed. And so, despite the trouble of passing through Unsome, and everyone knew that was harrowing indeed, they cast their lot with Dr Dark and prepared to journey.

Part 4

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Fairy Tale Part 2

August 2, 2012

Part 1

The next 48 hours were a blur of dealing with the Death Squad – the Medicine Woman, the undertakers, the florists, etc – but even that ended; Flu and Obi found themselves alone in Grandma’s house. They were comforting each other over her loss when the discussion turned towards her final words and their future. Flu had seen how uncomfortable Grandma had been in those final days and was certain that the words were not of stable, lucid mind. Obi was even more certain that Grandma’s last words were not to be taken literally or seriously. And so, the two were determined to continue with their regular lives and their regular jobs despite the exhortations and the death of their grandmother.

The duo might have continued that way if not for a house call from the Medicine Woman a fortnight after Grandma’s untimely passing. It was midnight when the knock came. It was three minutes after the bewitching hour when Obi, disheveled and still covered in the dust of sleep, peeped through the door-hole and invited Medicine Woman Scarlett into their home. Two more minutes passed while Scarlett got comfortable – enough time for Flu to find her way down to the living room.

“To what do we owe this great honor?” asked Flu

“What a beautiful home Grandma left to you.” Flu and Obi nodded their thanks for her recognition. “However, you must leave it. Before the sun does rise, you must be gone.”

Flu and Obi exchanged a concerned glance and then alternately they addressed her. “What is going on? Why must we leave? Where would we go? What happens when the sun rises?” Scarlett gave them a mournful look, shook her head, and stood up to leave.

Four hours passed while Flu and Obi packed their things and prepared for their journey. The conversations with Grandma and Medicine Woman Scarlett convinced them they had 46 days to find their real parents.

But who were their parents? Where were they? How should they even begin to look?

Part 3

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Fairy Tale Part 1

August 1, 2012

Once upon a time (for that is how all great stories begin) in a land far, far away there was an old woman on her death-bed. Gathered around her were her grandchildren, Flu and Obi. They each kissed her lovingly on her cheek, for she had raised them from a very young age and they loved her, and they waited for her last words.
Grandma whispered to them the secret that she’d been holding for two decades, the secret they had always deserved to know, but she’d never found the right time to tell them. This was her last chance to tell them and she was determined not to squander the last breathes with sentimental words when such important information had to be told.
“Flu”, she coughed out, “the truth is you are not my granddaughter”
“Obi, I’m not your grandmother either”
Flu and Obi thought she was delirious so they tried to comfort her.
Grandma silenced them with a raised finger and repeated the idea. “Your real parents were in grave danger, so I took you in, but you must find them after you turn 21. You have one month from then to find-”
Grandma’s final word was ‘find’

Part 2

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