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January 31, 2010

Welcome aboard.

It’s hard to define who I am. It might be easier to define who I’m not.
I’m not a writer.
I’m not good at spelling.
I’m not religious.
I’m not a believer in god. Any god. Not even YOUR god. Sorry!
I’m not sexy.
I’m not smart.
I’m not funny.
I’m not a good singer.
I’m not cool, calm, or collected.
I’m not going to have anything interesting to say.

Okay, so now that everyone is gone, I’ll give you the basic rundown on who I was.
I was born into an Ultra Orthodox Jewish family. When I was born I was the fourth child born to two parents. By the time my parents completed their career as birthers, an additional eleven siblings joined the clan.

I started attending Yeshiva (Religious Jewish School) when I was three and a half). I went to Yeshiva without a break until I was twenty-four and married.

In September 2009 my wife and I separated.
In March 2010 we got our religious divorce.
She remains religious.

This is what I do:
I work as a computer programmer. In July 2008 or so I was tasked with overseeing the work and times of some my colleagues.
I “sing” karaoke as often as I can. Currently I tend to go to The Old Carriage Inn for Thursday and Saturday night karaoke.
I try to go to one movie a week. ( Clearview in Chelsea and Clearview on 62nd Street are my favorite places to watch movies. If you want to join me on a Tuesday evening, send a tweet to @alarBean .)