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January 25, 2013

I am leaving politics and reality aside for a moment. I want to explore this without any practical, real-life application. The third question is the most practical question and it also meant theoretically.

Question 1: Should someone who hustles, works more hours, works with more dedication, etc be rewarded more than someone who does not?
Clarification: This does not mean the person does a better job, is smarter, or is more efficient.

Question 2: Should there someone who refuses to work or works without vigor be unrewarded?
Clarification 1: This is not including people who are incapable of doing any work.
Clarification 2: This question is not addressing whether there is opportunity or need. When responding to this question, assume that the person in question is capable and is currently employed.

Question 3: Does the government’s payments to individuals and larger entities (companies, countries, etc) encourage or teach them to conform to government desires?

Question 4: Should the government encourage non-productive people to kill themselves?
Clarification: Non-productive people are incapable of working in any capacity.

Question 5: Should the government encourage people to be non-productive?

What do you think?