News and Outlook – March 7, 2010

Sunday, Daily News (page 4) : This has to be the quote of the week!
Paterson still has some support – he received a bouquet of yellow roses a few minutes before his departure, and one neighbor shouted her tepid backing.
Leave him alone!” she yelled down at reporters from her third-floor home. “He may not be any good, but he’s the best we got.”

Sunday, Daily News (pages 28, 29) : Editorial by Joyce Purnick: “Doesn’t anyone remember that it was Spitzer who gave us Paterson in the first place? The former state senator should never have become governor, and Spitzer, along with New York’s ever-toxic politics, are why he did. Spitzer selected Paterson as his running mate in 2006 to guarantee himself the black vote, plain and simple. Even Paterson’s mentors, the old guard in Harlem, favored another African American to run as lieutenant governor, Leecia Eve, lawyer and daughter of a former Assemblyman from Buffalo. Think maybe they knew something?”

In my opinion Joyce is looking for a scapegoat so she doesn’t need to look herself in the mirror and say SHE made a mistake.

When a politician chooses a running mate they _always_ choose someone who they feel will increase their odds of being elected.
Further, it’s the job of the voters to choose the political team they think will best serve their interests. The idea that voters only choose the governor is false. New York could have voted against Spitzer and Paterson, but they didn’t.
They are at fault for allegedly breaking laws and being corrupt, but we, as New Yorkers, are at fault for electing them to their positions.

Now, if Paterson resigns and Ravitch turns out to be corrupt as well, then we can pin the blame on Paterson and the NYS Supreme Court.


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