Internet everywhere and not a byte to eat

I’m still without proper internet at home. I can access limited content from my cell phone, but it’s not ideal.

I couldn’t afford/justify paying the cable bill and after my earlier run-in with CableVision, I refuse to return as a customer.

I looked into using Sprint’s internet card, but they wanted $60/month, a 2 year agreement, and data-size download restrictions.

After almost a month of going without internet at home, I posted this sign in my building lobby: “I’m looking to pay about $15.00 a month to access a wireless internet connection within the building.

“If you have a secured connection and would be willing to share with me, please let me know by calling [my number]”

It’s been rough without internet at home, but on the positive side, it gave me a chance to re-watch all the episodes of NewRadio.



One Response to “Internet everywhere and not a byte to eat”

  1. baruch Says:

    that’s a good idea with the sign, let us know how it turns out..

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