Hooked up with Internet

It’s official. I’m back with CableVision. I went 6 months without Internet at home. I didn’t miss it for the most part.
I spent a lot of time outside of my apartment, in bars etc, so the absence wasn’t felt strongly.
I missed hulu.com and being able to update this blog at home. (Updating from work is not ideal, so I didn’t post as often as I would have liked.) I got the mobile wordpress.com app on my cell phone, but after once writing a whole post only to have it disappear when I pressed the “post” button, I didn’t want to try again.

I missed being able to chat while on a call. My cell allows me to chat with people via text, bbm, gchat, ychat, hchat, icq, and aim. However, if I answer or make a call, my chat session ends.

CableVision has an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

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One Response to “Hooked up with Internet”

  1. baruch Says:

    lol at “I spent a lot of time in bars so i didn’t miss internet at home”. did they have internet in the bars?

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