I say hello, You don’t say goodbye

It bothers me when I’m on the phone with someone and the other party terminates the call without saying goodbye.
Isn’t it polite to say goodbye before hanging up?

Learn some manners and rejoin the human race!

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3 Responses to “I say hello, You don’t say goodbye”

  1. Shades of Grey Says:

    I concur! It’s also quite annoying when you bump into someone you know and ask how they’re doing out of legitimate concern. In turn, they simply reply “how are you doing?” without even acknowledging that you said anything at all. Clearly, they think asking about someone’s wellbeing is simply a social formality and that no one really cares about how their friends/acquaintances are doing in life.

  2. alarbean Says:

    I guess all my years of listening to Bob Grant on the radio has removed any sense that “How ya doing?” is anything more than a way to say “Hello!”

    I hope you won’t hate me for this, but most people who say that to me are not interested in how I’m doing. And, the few that are genuinely interested in how I’m doing, are probably not people I’d be comfortable sharing how I’m doing. 😉

  3. Avi Says:

    Ok, I totally agree that it’s ridiculously annoying when you’re talking to someone and they hang up without saying goodbye. It’s rude and obnoxious. However, the “Hello. How are you?” response to that exact question is sadly understandable. Honestly, how many people really care how you’re doing? Your parents, close relatives, and good friends. That’s it, and you’re lucky if the number is more than 10. That question is the classic platitude. Try it out for yourself. Next time someone (that you suspect doesn’t care about you even if you care about them) asks you that question, answer, “terrible.” The person you’re talking to will almost pass out , guarranteed. Tried and true by yours truly lol. As you said, it has become a fomality. If it is your close friend and relatives who ALSO treat it as a formality, then maybe you’re in trouble.

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