Couples’ Retreat

Since I referenced this movie in a comment to “Hot Tub Time Machine”, I’d decided to post my review of it here.

I went to see “Couples Retreat” Thursday, October 22, 2009. I’d seen previews for it, so I was expecting a nauseating and uncomfortable film. (I’m not sure if the preview was so bad because they believe those are the best parts of the film or if they hope that people will compare the film to the preview and say it wasn’t as bad. If it was the latter, their strategy worked with me.)
The film itself was a mindless piece of “sitcom-ish” situations pieced together haphazardly.
The movie is about 4 friendly “couples” that end up going to a therapy island together.
Since all the couples have issues, and dramatically different issues, at that, the director decided to split focus and camera time between each of them. However, this limits us from getting to know any one of them particularly well. The result is caricature characters and the question of why should i be invested in these character’s decisions or outcomes?
The jokes were not as uncomfortable as the preview suggests and the film is funnier than anyone has a right to assume based on the premise.
If you are going to see this film for the romance or drama, I give this film 2 stars.
If you are going to see this film for the comedy, I give this film 5 stars.
If you are going to see this film for plausibility, I give this film 1 star.

BTW, I give the preview for this film -1 stars. (That’s right, the advertisers owe me a star!) It made me want to avoid seeing this film.


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One Response to “Couples’ Retreat”

  1. Wicked Shawn Says:

    All Vince Vaughn films get an automatic bump of 2, it’s his cool card points. You obviously just forgot to factor those into your calculations.

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