Fairy Tale Part 5

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The soldier looked focused. He fit the stereotype whispered in all the children stories of yore.
(“Unsome soldiers are chosen based on their ability to focus on the silliest of fine-print rules.”
“Yes! I heard they feed them spaghetti and Adderall, so they’ll focus better.”
“My mother said that if they blink, they are automatically disqualified.”
“My grandfather once saw a staring contest between an Unsome soldier and a goldfish. The fish lost!”)
On and on went the stories. Who knew if any of them were true, but at this moment, as they watched the soldier get closer and closer to their car, they felt that each could be true.

“License, registration, retina scan, insurance card, and DNA sample”, said the soldier.

He watched them as Obi and Flu poked and prodded for their papers. He didn’t look away as he handed them to a second officer. Obi and Flu smiled nervously at the officers.
The second soldier didn’t look up. He pulled out a magnifying glass and studied their documents carefully.

After a few moments, he pulled out his radio and spoke into it.

A third soldier appeared. She took pictures of their vehicle from every angle.

Four soldier drove over in a Humvee, sirens wailing. They jumped out, semi-machine guns raised. Obi and Flu felt their stomachs plummet.

The first soldiers listened as the second soldier whispered something, then raised his arm. All the soldiers stopped in place.

“Your retina scan is almost expired. You should update them immediately. We will let you go this time.”

He handed a book of rules and regulations to Obi. Flu sighed in relief. They passed the first checkpoint. Only 3 more of these until they pass into Unsome.

Part 6

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